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Machine manufacturer: Mark Andy

Model: 2200-13

Web width: 330 mm

Year of construction: 2014

Available from: immediately

Unwind Module

  • 1 Cantilevered Unwind Module with 40 Inch Capacity Vertical Dancer, and Web Guide

  • 1 Open Loop Infeed Pacing System

Print Station Module

  • 3 Double Print Station Module, with Slide Out Style Ink Station Cassette

  • 6 Anilox Gears and Bearings – Half Speed 

Die cut Module

  • 2 Station Die cut with Steel Side Frames and 2-1/2 Inch Slots, With Top Side and Bottom Side Die cutting capability
  • 32 Inch Capacity Waste Windup Unit

Master Control/Sheeting Module

  • 1 Master Control Module with Intuitive Touch Screen OIT and Press Controls

  • 1 Sheeting Station with Steel Frames and 2-1/2 Inch Slot

  • 1 Open Loop Exit Pacing System

  • 1 32 Inch Capacity Waste windup Unit

Rewind Module

  • 1 Duel Frame Lower Rewind with 40 Inch Capacity, Taper Tension Control and Roll Lift

Miscellaneous Options and Additional Items

  • 1 Press Shipment Kit

Main Drive System and Controls

  • 10 HP Main Drive Motor
  • Mechanical Line Shaft Drive Unit and Control

Dryer System 

  • 6 Lamp new GEW 13in System not hot air drying to be included

Special Options/Notes

  • Press substrate range as configured is 2pt (50micron) - 12pt (305micron)
  • Maximum attainable press speed is dependent on the application. Several factors can limit attainable speed, including drying/curing, substrate, and other in-line processes
  • Print stations have primary 1/8 CP Helical Gearing
  • Die cut station(s) have primary 1/8 CP Spur gearing 
  • Sheeting Station has primary 1/8 CP Spur Gearing
  • This is a 240 Volt, 60 Hz system
  • Supplied with English manuals


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